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New single from the new album: Praising His Name

Top Charting Singles
Country Music, Christian Artist Bruce Hedrick

I'll Take It From Here

Music single “I’ll Take It From Here” shoots to the top 10.


Hit Single “Gravy” becomes the #1 Country Music song for 3 straight weeks.

A Better Man

Hit Single “A Better Man” reaches #3 in the charts.

Roses From God

Nominated ICMA Male Vocalist of the year with #1 Hit single “Roses From God”.

Bruce Hedrick
Iconic Style | Divine Motivation.

I was nine years old when I heard my mom call my name. She told me, “get in here now” so, I went running. Mom was sitting at the piano, she said, “Give me your little hands”. I put my hand in hers. I can remember her hands looked like they were on fire being so anointed by God. Mom prayed over me and my little hands that day. She showed me the keys G, C and D. She told me, “Son, it doesn’t matter if you are singing or playing for one person or a hundred of people; you sing and play with all of your heart. They will be blessed and God will bless you”. God stepped in that day.

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