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The Ministry

The purpose of my ministry is to glorify God in song; to sing about His grace, love, forgiveness and His salvation. I have been blessed by singing my music in nursing homes and churches through out the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. Now as I expand my ministry in the Southeast, I am hopeful for a great audience as we sing praises God.

Bruce Hedrick - Songwriter/Singer

I was brought up on the “Mill Hill” in Mooresville, North Carolina. My father preached and my mother sang. We were always involved with the church. We went to tent meetings, revivals, prayer meetings and TV/Radios shows anywhere that we could worship God.

My Parents bought me a guitar when I was eight. We were in Statesville, North Carolina when we stopped by Woolworths. That old guitar cost $8.00. I couldn’t read music so I played by ear.

I was nine years old when I heard my mom call my name. She told me, “get in here now” so, I went running. Mom was sitting at the piano, she said, “Give me your little hands”. I put my hand in hers. I can remember her hands looked like they were on fire being so anointed by God. Mom prayed over me and my little hands that day. She showed me the keys G, C and D. She told me, “Son, it doesn’t matter if you are singing or playing for one person or a hundred of people; you sing and play with all of your heart. They will be blessed and God will bless you”. God stepped in that day.

My mom got sick when I was eleven. When I was twelve, I was trying to fill her shoes at church by playing the piano. She never gave up on me. Her faith in the Lord was so strong. She would say, “ Just trust in God, He will never fail you”. Mom left this world and entered into heaven when I was thirteen. I was lost without her. Not only was I without my mother, but she was also my best friend. As time passed, I started drifting away from my faith, and soon my dad and I had stopped talking.

I left home when I was fifteen, started working various jobs, I ended up in Statesville, N.C. working for a company called Cabinet Makers. I worked there for 20 years. It was enough to make a decent living for my family but there was still a void in my life. I never stopped talking to God. I knew his hand was on me but I was still hurting and felt unworthy of His love.

My wife, Lyndra just would not leave me alone. She kept pushing me to come to church with her. In 2007, I said that I would go. That is when my life took a turn. I went to Living Word Ministries in Statesville, NC. Hearing Pastor James Lewis preaching, I felt like God was speaking through Pastor James and looking straight at me. His sermon was on God’s grace, He said, “That we all fail and fall short of the Glory of God, but we still are his children; this is why He died on the cross. From that moment on my life changed.

I started going to nursing homes, assistant living centers, hospice, hospitals, churches, events, and social events to sing. Anywhere that would let me bring joy through music to someone else’s life.

I thank God for blessing me with the gift of music, my family for loving me and standing by me, my pastor, brothers and sisters at the Living Word Ministries for guiding me in the right direction and making my family and I a part of theirs family.

After winning 1st place in a Nashville songwriting and singing competion, I formed band in North Carolina called the “Cold Heart”.  After Cold Heart I was selected to be the male vocals for the “Legends of the Opry Tour”


My name is Bruce Hedrick and I believe that music enriches the lives of everyone…especially the elderly, children, and the sick. Often times ,it evokes fond memories associated with a par- ticular song or musical genre, so I have developed a program to bring back those memories.

As a singer and song writer I share my diverse and upbeat music in large and intimate settings, which allows for interaction with the audience. My goal is to have every person participating to the best of their ability while having fun and serving the Lord!

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