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Bruce Hedrick New Song “A Better Man”

New Song by Bruce HedrickJim, WGDN 103.1FM in Michigan just aired a radio call in of Bruce Hedrick that was actually recorded Friday.  The interview was awesome!!! They aired it as if it was live and then they played “A Better Man” for their audience.  Then after the song which just reached 17 counties in Michigan, they came back to Bruce and discussed his career and more about the song.  Bruce made sure he credited Rick at RedHen / Daywind Music Group for the opportunity.  He told the story of how he originally made contact with them.  He informed them about watching Great American Gospel TV to see the videos of his songs and thanked 103.1FM for playing his music.  And of course Bruce thanked both writers David Wills, and Royal Wade Kimes for their talent and permission to do it.

They made it clear they love his sound and want more of his material in the interview live.

This song is set in their rotation on the Sunday Chapel which is 12 noon to midnight, and rotation for their country material throughout the week, because it is a wonderful crossover song.

Thanks to everyone for making this happen.  I know you will be sending the compilation out to all the charting stations on your list. We need help reaching the remainder of the country stations.

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